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Wall Drills 

Depending on the wall, you may have to catch on a bounce. Concrete walls and ground will add some speed to the ball.  Try to catch it on one bounce if this is the case. You should experiment with distance from the wall to develop what 
works best for your ability. The more you improve, push yourself for more difficulty. If you do these drills 2 or 3 times a week, you’ll see a big improvement. Use about a 20 minute routine, it may take more than 1 session to get through set 
of one player drills. As you improve, the drills will take less time and you can add more and split the routine. You may want to do 4 sets of the right and left hands if you’re a beginner. 

Always use a quick cradle to ready the ball in your pocket, except for the quick stick drills. Place a target a couple feet by a couple feet where it’s ok to do so to make sure you’re hitting the “box”, which is the location you want to feed the ball when throwing to another player.  

Solo Drills

Right and Left Hand 2 sets of 25 on each side 

  • At 10 ft. With your opposite leg extended toward the wall, throw, lean forward giving a target and catch the ball with soft hands. Cradle the 
    ball and pull back to throw again. 
  • Same drill at 20 ft. 

Right to Left, with ball 1 set of 50

  • With your body squared up to the wall, throw right, catch right, switch to left, throw left, catch left, etc. This is a more quick paced drill, 
    where you don’t do a full cradle but a quick wrist action and pull it to your opposite side. 
  • To also develop footwork, you could throw right, catch right, and pivot around while switching hands to throw in a full left handed position.  
  • Then go back to right. 

Switch Hands without Ball 1 set of 50

  • With your body squared up to the wall, throw right, switch stick to left side , catch left, throw left, catch right, etc. 

Backhand Catching 2 sets of 50, one right, one left 

  • With body and feet squared up to wall, throw right handed at an angle to return ball to your left side, rotate stick around to catch ball on left side but still being right handed, pull ball back quickly to your right side and throw again.

Over the Shoulder Catching (OTS)  2 sets of 25

  • One right handed, one left handed 
  • With left foot forward, throw right handed at an angle to return ball to your left side, rotate BODY and STICK around, keeping stick right handed, to catch ball on left side at a jog. Continue jogging in a circle to come up right handed again.  

Quick Stick 4 sets of 25

  • Alternating between right and left 
  • With left foot forward in a throwing position, throw at about 5 or 6 ft from the wall, easing the catch back and throw without cradling.
  • Try throwing once a second or so. 

Moving while throwing 

  • The same drill as Right/Left throwing but move down the wall sidestepping. Use the lower hand cradle with the stick in the throwing position between throws. 

Two Player Drills 

  • Player A stands about 6 ft. from wall while player B is 15-20 ft. A fires the ball at the wall as if shooting. B moves where necessary to catch it.
    • B sends a long pass to the wall while A faces the wall. A has to react to catch it. If A misses, B gets it and sends another pass.  
    • This is especially good with a goalie up front. 
  • A and B stand side by side spread out. Distance apart depends on how much space you have and what you want to work on.
    • A sends a ball off the wall at an angle to make the ball go to B.
    • B returns in the same way. This works well for practicing quicksticks. 

Three Player Drill

  • This drill is like the first two-player drill, except player C is standing at the same distance from the wall as A to the side.
  • A sends a hard shot off the wall, B catches it, sends a quick pass to C, C sends a pass to A who quicksticks a shot. It’s a great way to practice a quickstick shot.